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Estelle H. Whitney, MD

Estelle H. Whitney, MD is a Gynecologist in Private Practice in Wilmington, Delaware. She attended medical school in Washington, D.C. at Howard University College of Medicine and compeleted her residency at Christianacare Health System in Delaware. Board Certified in both Obstetrics/Gynecology and Holistic Medicine. She practiced OB/GYN for 20 years unitl 2002 when she shifted her focus to Holistic Gynecology and Women's Health.

She is active in the American College of OB/GYN and a member of the National Medical Association and the American Holistic Medical Association.

Dr. Whitney has spent the past year as National Spokesperson for the ISIS Project's "Spread the Word. Save a Sister" cervical cancer awareness campaign.

She believes that the human body is a Sacred gift in which miracles happen every day.

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i was just diagonsed with stage 11B cervical cancer. I was told I have HPV 16 AND 18. I am only 21 years old and have always had normal papsmears. The last time I had had a pap was 2 years ago after my daughter was born. I have always been normal and neg. for HPV. I am also 8 months pregnant with a boy. I was in such shock when the doctor told me I had cancer I HAD NO IDEA WHAT KIND OF QUESTIONS TO ASK. So my question would be, is there ANY WAY SHAPE OR FORM that the cancer cells and the severe dyslapsia could hurt or harm my son during a vaginal birth?

Hi Doctor! I had my first pap last year I was 21 years old and it came back abnormal. When my doctor did it I just had given birth to my first baby, but I got pregnant again a month after having my first baby. Do you think it can affect the results of my pap? I'm really scared, please help. Oh by the way, I just had my second pap today and also I asked my Doctor for an HPV test.


Hi, it is not uncommon to have an abnormal pap smear, especially associated with pregnancy. The next step would be just what you asked your doctor, get a HPV test to see if you are truly at risk for changes in the cells on your cervix. A pap smear cannot diagnose whether or not there is cancer, all it can do is tell you and your doctor that you need to do more testing to see what is really going on .Remember, it takes a long time, up to 10 years to develop cervical cancer, so don't be scared, be proactive and make sure you follow up with your provider.

Hi my name is Nancy. I am 28 years old and I have a question. I was operated on 3 months ago w/cervical cancer, but it was only a piece that they took out of me. Now I do not know if this can come back and reinfect and if I can have children or not. Or, if after they will have to take out my ovaries and uterus and then I can't have kids? I'm confused. Help me please. Thank you.


Hello Nancy,
I'm not sure that I understand your exact situation, but it sounds like you had some abnormal cells on your cervix that your doctor felt could be treated with removal of a small piece of your cervix, perhaps a "Cone biopsy, or LEEP". You will need to see your doctor often over the next year or two in order to make sure that your cells remain normal. You can get pregnant and have children normally having had these procedures, so you don't need to worry. Just make sure to follow up regularly with your doctor.